Since JMeter 5.0 testers have an option of generating additional charts as a part of the report dashboard. Did you know about that?

Thanks to this you can visualize a specified variable over time of a test like below:


custom chart jmeter

Let’s check how to do it.


What can I visualize?

As already mentioned you need to have a variable that will be charted over the time of the tests e.g.:

  • a special metric that you compute during a test,
  • a metric that is returned from the server as:
    • result of query checking a count on a table,
    • or a queue length,
    • processing times that some frameworks return in headers etc.
  • value of a ‘Counter’ component
  • others


OK, let’s say I have a metric that should be put on a plot, what now?

Configuration on the JMeter side

    • First of all you need to store the metric in a JMeter variable (that means that if needed it needs to be extracted from a response using one of the extractors).


  • Name of the variable that you want to have on a graph needs to be specified as a so-called sample variable.

To do that just add a line like below, containing your variable to the JMeter’s properties file, e.g. or In my case I’ve added multiple sample variables:


Very important thing! It needs to be done before the test, so the values of the variable are written to the test results file.

  • Now you need to provide a simple definition of your chart containing:
    • name of the chart (QueueLengthGraph in the example below)
    • title of the chart
    • description of the X and Y axis
    • granularity (can be left as defined globally for the dashboard)
    • and finally name of the variable that should be plotted


# Queue length graph
jmeter.reportgenerator.graph.custom_QueueLengthGraph.title=Number of messages in the queue over time length duration${jmeter.reportgenerator.overall_granularity}

Again, you can put it in one of the JMeter’s properties files e.g, or other.

Final result

Now it’s time to generate the reporting dashboard. When viewing it in a browser just go to ‘Custom Graphs’ and you should be able to see your charts available there:


JMeter dashboard


Just select them and voila, you have have a plot for your own variable:

queue length chart