Welcome to Perftuned!

Tadaaaa! Hello! Since this is the first post on www.perftuned.com let me just quickly set up the scene and tell you what kind of stuff can be expected to appear here in the future.


Well…For sure you can count on whole bunch of topics related to software performance and performance testing in particular.

First of all, you’ll be able to read the material on the technical side of the business, like:

  • how to script performance tests to simulate the right stuff
  • ways to debug your app
  • analysing your data, finding root causes for the issues


Apart from that, there will be posts on the often underestimated non-technical stuff, e.g.:

  • how to gather requirements and why they are so important
  • communication with business and management, how to deliver them value
  • how to report your findings to higher management


OK, with all the hello-world stuff aside, let’s get down to business 🙂


Stay tuned!