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Always remember about end-user context when reporting performance issues

“I have found a deadlock in the database” – I said few years ago to a product owner on the customer’s side.   “What!? Really?” – She said anxiously as we were close to the release date.   “Yes, when the processes are at certain stage, the deadlock appears. As a result one of the processes fails” –..

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Going green in JMeter

No, i’m not going to write about ecology today ?.   Lately, I was asked to do a consultancy job and look at some JMeter performance testing scripts. One of the issues discussed, was how to ‘manipulate’ the results or to be more exact, how to turn a failed response into a successful, green one…

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Hello World

Welcome to Perftuned! Tadaaaa! Hello! Since this is the first post on let me just quickly set up the scene and tell you what kind of stuff can be expected to appear here in the future.   Well…For sure you can count on whole bunch of topics related to software performance and performance testing..

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